Bead and Jewelry Supplies

Buying bead and jewelry supplies can get out of hand quite quickly. Ask me, I know. Have you ever gone to a bead store to "just look around"? Yeah, me too. I left with a gemstone doughnut, a watch face, some Swarovski crystals, lots of seed beads, a dichroic cabochon, some Bali beads, Beadsmith Fireline, a tube of G-S Hypo Cement, and a package of Bead Stoppers (why didn't I think of inventing that).

I know what you're thinking! I should have bought that stuff from a catalog and saved a bunch of money. Well, most of the time I do order my supplies through catalogs and online stores. But sometimes you just have to go to the bead store or a bead show.

Good Will stores and other second hand stores are a great place to find costume jewelry and antique jewelry. I've been known to take old necklaces apart and use the pieces to make new, one-of-a-kind creations. I'm sure you've done this too.

In this section of the site I will be exploring types of beads and shapes, wire types, metal used in jewelry making, buying online, buying wholesale, and much more.

Hemp Jewelry Making Supplies
The basic hemp jewelry making supplies you will need are natural hemp jewelry cord, pony beads, and hemp jewelry making beads.