Learn to Crimp With Bead Crimping Pliers

To learn the steps of crimping a bead with bead crimping pliers you will need the following supplies:

  • One six inch piece of beading wire
  • One crimp bead
  • One lobster clasp

Notice that your bead crimping pliers has two crimping stations on its jaws. The first station is closest to the handles and the second station is closest to the tip of the pliers.

Step 1: Begin by stringing a crimp bead onto the beading wire and through your clasp.

Step 2: String the beading wire back through the crimp bead to create a small loop around your clasp. Leave a little room for movement, don't make it too tight.

Step 3: Place the crimp bead into the first crimping station of your pliers. Make sure the beading wires are lying next to each other and not crossing over each other. Firmly squish the crimp bead.

Step 4: Give the crimp bead a quarter of a turn and firmly squish it in the second crimping station.

You should end up with a nicely crimped bead to professionally finish off your necklace or bracelet.