Using A Bead Reamer

A bead reamer comes in handy when you realize that all the holes in the beads you bought at the Bead and Button Show are way too small to fit on your silver wire. You don’t want to abandon the project or the beads so you just need to take some time to ream out the holes so the beads fit onto your string material.

Using a bead reamer is very simple if you follow a few basic rules.

Rule number 1: Always use a lubricant to reduce friction and increase tool life. Water works well if you are reaming by hand at slow speeds. Hold your bead underwater while you work or have a small stream of water flowing over your bead as you ream the hole larger. If you have an electric bead reamer you may want to use liquid bur life. Periodically dip the diamond bead reamer to keep it cool while reaming your beads.

Rule number 2: Use a bead holder or be very careful to keep your fingers away from the other side of the hole you are reaming. You don’t want to file your skin off or poke yourself with the diamond tip. It takes the fun right out of bead reaming when this happens.

Rule number 3: Don’t apply too much pressure. Let the diamond bead reamer tip do the work. If you push too hard on the bead reamer you might crack your pearl or bead. Been there done that. With practice you will learn how much pressure to apply to get the job done.

Rule number 4: Gemstone beads and pearls are drilled from one side and then the other. So when bead reaming make sure you go from one side and then the other.

Rule number 5:

Make sure the edges of the holes are smooth when you’re finished because you don’t want to leave sharp edges that will wear through your stringing material.