Canon Powershot Digital Camera Review

When I bought my Canon PowerShot digital camera there where certain features I wanted for jewelry photography. This little camera is fun and easy to use and I’m happy I bought it. It came down to the Canon PowerShot A700 and the Canon Digital Rebel XT.

The Rebel XT is an SLR camera. An SLR (single-lens reflex) allows you to look through the viewfinder and see exactly what you’re looking at and what the image will look like. And the Rebel XT has a manual focus. With a manual focus you control the focus, not the camera. My Canon PowerShot does not have manual focus but I’ve found that I can pretty much get the picture I want.

I decided to buy the Canon PowerShot digital camera over the Rebel XT because of price. If you shop around you will see what I mean. They come out with so many new camera models so fast it makes my head spin. If you can afford the Rebel XT go for it, it’s a great camera too.

Let me tell you a little bit about my digital camera and the features that I think you need for macro photography.

Features of the Canon PowerShot A700

  • Macro mode for getting up close to your jewelry
  • It takes two AA batteries
  • The memory card door is easily accessible
  • The ISO goes from Auto to 800
  • White balance – there are six to choose from
  • You can turn off the flash
  • You can turn off the digital zoom
  • It has 6x optical zoom
  • Set the compression to superfine
  • Six mega pixels for great jewelry photos
  • You can manually set the aperture
  • You can manually set the shutter speed
  • It has a timer
  • You can buy an optional close-up lens and conversion lens adapter

This little digital camera has many more features but these are the ones I was interested in. The camera menus are easy and intuitive to use. After a couple of times in and out of the menus it’s a snap to adjust the settings. The buttons are big enough to use yet the camera is small enough that you can take it on vacation.