Hemp Jewelry Making & Micro Macrame

Hemp jewelry, micro macrame and friendship bracelets are great jewelry making projects for kids, teens, and adults. Macrame is easier than it looks and requires very few supplies. All you really need is cord, a few beads, a work surface, some pins, and a comfy chair.

Jewelry making requires four basic knots that are easy to learn. What's fascinating is the endless combinations and variations you can come up with from these four knots. Knotting requires practice to create uniform and even rows but it doesn't take long to become an expert.

Macrame jewelry can be made from the traditional tan hemp twine or a variety of colored fine hemp twines. By adding beads made from fimo, glass, gemstone, shell, bone, silver or wood you can design unique chokers and bracelets.

Fashion trends from the 1960's and 1970's have been making a comeback. I remember wearing bell bottoms, hip hugger jeans, and hemp jewelry. Kids today think these fashions are all new. In some ways they are. The jewelry designers of today are adding their own personality and new jewelry making materials.

New articles will be added here regularly with information and tips on working with hemp twine, cord, and knotting techniques. I'll show tutorials on knots, how to start and finish a bracelet or choker, and some other projects such as key chains, zipper pulls, and more.

Hemp Overhand Knot Directions
Learn to tie an overhand knot for a hemp bracelet or necklace.

Spiral Hemp Bracelet
Find simple spiral hemp bracelet directions with half knots.

Square Knot Hemp Bracelet
Simple square knot hemp bracelet instructions.