Take Your Jewelers File
To Every Craft Show

A jewelers file is one of those small tools you need to carry with you to every craft show. I was at a mall show one weekend making bead rings until I discovered that I had forgotten to pack my needle file set. To say I was unhappy is an understatement. But I did remember seeing a hobby store in the mall and to my surprise they had a wonderful cheap set of jewelers files. Now I keep this set in my show totes all the time.

It’s nice to have a set instead of just one jewelers file. Sometimes you need an assortment of needle files for precision filing and de burring. While looking through my tool catalogs I found a miniature needle file set similar to the bead reamer set I have. It comes with 12 mini tempered tool steel files. The files store into the handle so you can take it to show with you. Pretty cool. I’m all for packing tight and packing light. I amaze myself sometimes by how much stuff I can organize and pack into my show totes.

I have one needle file set that has nice plastic handles for comfort and one set that doesn't have any handles. You can create custom file handles with a product called Jett Sett. It allows you to mold the handle for your individual grip. Your hands will experience less fatigue because the handles are ergonomically designed just for you.

I don’t use any lubricant when filing because I’m just taking one or two quick swipes across the wire ends before I tuck them down. The extent of my filing is to make sure the wire ends are not sharp. I don’t want to scratch or cut the customer. You want to make the jewelry as comfortable to wear as possible.