Where do Jewelry Design Ideas Come From?

Jewelry design ideas come from everywhere. Grab your favorite magazine and take a look at different logos and color combinations. Notice geometric shapes and symbols.

Architecture magazines and home decor magazines are a great place to look for odd shapes, lines, and angles. Notice the scroll work used in wood carvings. Notice the curves of fancy gates, fences, and railings made of steel.

Rugs and fabrics offer many designs and color combinations. Borrowing one part of a design and marrying it to another can lead you down the path of discovering your own style.

Mother nature is the ultimate designer. Cut open a piece of fruit and look at the angles and curves. Pick up a piece of wood and notice how the bugs have eaten holes and grooves into it.

Pattern books and copyright free art work can get your creative juices flowing. What about puzzle pieces or toys. How about a trip to the hardware store?

Jewelry design books and courses teach you the rules of design. But I tend to go off on my own, looking for inspiration in unusual places. Look for things that grab your attention.

New articles will be added here regularly with information and tips on jewelry design ideas. I'll show you some great places to find ideas, shapes, forms, and textures. I'll show you how to combine different materials and processes to create functional yet attractive jewelry.