Step by Step Instructions For
Jewelry Photo Editing

Let me take you through the steps I do for jewelry photo editing. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. If you have the newer version that's okay, I'll just show you the basics. My goal is to get the best shot I can with the camera so that I don’t have to do very much editing.

To save battery life in my Canon PowerShot digital camera I remove the memory card and take it to a card reader hooked up to my computer. I've been using the 16M card that came with my camera while experimenting with different set-ups. But I also got a 1GB card because I got half off the price. What a sweet deal.

The memory card reader I use is a SanDisk ImageMate 5 in 1 reader. It was easy to hook up and works like a charm. You just stick the memory card into the reader and Adobe Photo Downloader opens for you. Some people disable this feature but I kinda like it.

The Adobe Photo Downloader's job is to pull your photos from you memory card or camera into the Organizer. After the Downloader does its job, you will end up in the Organizer. Let me walk you through the steps to get your new photos into your PC.

Step by Step Instructions for Adobe Photo Downloader

Step 1: Before I put my memory card into the card reader I set up a folder on my computer for these new photos. Sometimes I will add them to an existing folder. Be sure you choose a folder name that makes sense so you can find these photos again when you need them.

Step2: Put your memory card into the card reader and wait for the Downloader to open. When it opens click on the browse for folder button under Save Files: location. Find the new folder you just created, click on it once and click ok.

Click the Get Photos button to copy to hard disk. Then you'll see a box that says: "The only items in the main window are those you just imported..." Click the Ok button.

A box pops up that asks you; "Delete Files on Device? I always click "Yes" because I can always reproduce these photos. You may want to click "No" until you are sure your files have transferred successfully to your hard drive.

If you clicked "Yes" to Delete Files on Device, you will get a box saying; "Your files have been successfully deleted from your camera or card reader." Click Ok.

Next I click on the Windows Start button on the task bar/ click on My Computer/ right click on the card reader drive/ click on Eject/ then remove the card from the reader/ close My Computer.

Step 3: If you don't like the Downloader close it and click on the Windows Start button/ click on My Documents/ and open the new folder you downloaded your photos to.

You should have the first photo open on the top of the screen and a yellow folder on the bottom with a preview of the pictures in the folder. Double click on the yellow folder to show all the photos across the bottom half of your screen.

Double click on a photo to open Photoshop Elements. From here I will walk you through the steps to edit your photo for your website.

Step by Step Instructions for Adobe Photoshop Elements

Step 1: Click on Enhance/ Adjust Lighting/ Levels. On the histogram, on the top half of the box, find the white triangle slider (on the right). Move the white triangle slider to the left to lighten you photo. Make sure the preview button is checked so you can see how your photo changes as you slide the triangle back and forth. When you’re done click Ok.

Step 2: Click Image/ Resize/ Image Size. In the Pixel Dimensions Box, change the width to 250. The height changes automatically. Click Ok.

Step 3: Click on View/ Actual Pixels to enlarge the photo.

Step 4: Click on Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen. This will sharpen you photo. If you don't like what you get, just hit the undo button.

Step 5: Click on File/ Save for Web. At the bottom of this box click on Preview In button to preview your photo in a web browser. Click Ok. In the Save Optimized As box find the Save in: I set up a new folder for web photos, and put my new file here. Choose a file name, all lower case with dashes between words, and save as a .jpg, click Save.

Once you save a .jpg file don't make any changes to it and try saving it again because your photo will degrade (lose detail) every time you save it.

If you want to change it go back to the original file and make a new .jpg from there. Always leave the original file untouched.

When you go to close Photoshop Elements you will be asked; "Save changes to the Adobe Photoshop Elements document C:...IMG_0202.JPG before closing?" Click No to save the original, untouched file in case you need to go back and make another .jpg.

For more info on using Photoshop Elements I recommend you pick up a copy of The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage. It tells you way more stuff then you want to know but it's a great way to learn how to use Photoshop Elements.