Marketing and Public Relations
for your Jewelry Business

Marketing and public relations is an extremely important part of your jewelry business. Without it your business will not attract new customers or retain existing customers.

You may be asking yourself: What's the difference? Aren't they the same thing? Well, no. Marketing is paid media while public relations is earned media. In a nutshell the difference is the credibility factor.

You know that marketing is mostly hype and you tend to tune it out. I'm sure you're deluged with advertising on a daily basis. To get your attention advertisers try to shock you. After a while you tune that out too.

Yet when you read a book, a newspaper article, a magazine article, or see a story on the evening news you tend to believe what they have to say. You trust them and their information. They are more credible.

New articles will be added to this section to help you learn the basics of marketing and public relations. I will review books and give you tips on how to apply new techniques to your marketing and PR campaigns.