Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Tips

Polymer clay jewelry making can be fun and relaxing. It's an art medium that has great potential. Once you start working with the clay you'll discover new ways to shape and mold it.

Polymer clay comes in a rainbow of colors and it's easy to work with. You can stamp it, carve it, saw it, sand it, and buff it. You can use all sorts of every day items to mold it too. And the exciting thing is that you can bake it to a permanent hardness in a toaster oven.

This versatile medium allows you to make your own beads, buttons, and cabochons. I like to incorporate it into my wire jewelry making. I'm always looking for new shapes to wire wrap. I can mix colors that resemble gemstones or create my own designs. People like to buy jewelry that is unique and made just for them.

New articles will be added here regularly with information and tips on working with clay. I'll write about safety concerns, different types of clay, how to bake it, how to do image transfers, making canes, sanding and buffing, and how to use stamps.