Spiral Hemp Bracelet Directions

For these spiral hemp bracelet directions you will need the following supplies:

  • One 90 inch piece of 1mm hemp for your knotting cords.
  • One 30 inch piece of 1mm hemp for your base strands.
  • One 6x9mm pony bead.

Begin by folding the hemp in half and tying an overhand knot. Leave a half-inch loop just large enough for your pony bead to go through.

To make it easier for you to follow I've used different colored hemp. The tan inside cords are the base strands. The red and blue outside cords are the knotting cords.

Place the blue knotting cord over the two tan base strands and under the red knotting cord. Then weave the red knotting cord under the two tan base strands and up through the loop you formed with the blue knotting cord.

Tighten your half knot spiral by pulling on the hemp knotting cords. Keep repeating the half knot to form a spiral or half knot twist.

Here is a series or sennit of loose half knots to show you how the pattern will look.

To finish your spiral hemp bracelet string all four cords through the pony bead and tie an overhand knot. You may want to pull the knot tight with the help of a pair of chain nose pliers. Then trim the excess hemp cords.