Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry

Wire jewelry is here to stay! It's easy to learn the basics and let your imagination take you from there. It doesn't require torches or solder. It's quite affordable to start with copper or brass and work your way up to sterling silver and 14k gold wire.

Wire jewelry used to be very popular and all the department stores sold it right along side fine jewelry. You can command a pretty price for creating a wire ring setting using a large amethyst gemstone.

All you need is a good set of pliers, flush cutters, pin vise, and some craft wire to get started. I'll give you tips on where to start and show you advanced techniques to designing your own jewelry.

New articles will be added here to help you choose the best wire for your project, learn hammering techniques, learn how to make chains, learn how to work harden your pieces, and learn polishing and cleaning techniques too.

Tanzanite Wire Ring Project
Free tanzanite wire ring project tutorial. Make and sell this fun bead ring.

Wire Hoop Earring Project

Follow these step-by-step directions to make your own wire hoop earring project with half hard gold filled wire.